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Breed: American Bulldog

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Size: Medium
Vaccinations: Current

Microchipped: Yes
Age: 4 yr

Good in a home with calm respectful children.  Loves to play with other dogs once a slow introduction is completed.

Even though Odie was abandoned by his previous family, he still loves people. He gets along with most other dogs after a proper introduction and children.  We don’t know about cats.  If you want a hiking or camping buddy, Odie is your guy. Playing fetch and tug are also favorite things that he likes. He would love a family who would treat him like a family member. He has a very special talent: his is bilingual- he speaks Spanish. His previous dad spoke Spanish to him. The sister spoke English…. so he is bilingual. He has already had his dental and is ready to start his new life as a family member. Odie needs a fenced yard and we are requiring his adoptive family to enroll him in a class to earn his CGC.   If you are interested, please contact Rainbow Rescue at 757-472-1583 or [email protected]


Buffy & Toby-bonded pair (courtesy post)



Size: medium

Age: 3 yr

Good in a home with  children.  Gets along with other dogs 

How can you not love those little faces!

Buffy is a 3 yr old American Pitbull terrier who weighs 63 lbs. Toby is a 6 yr old beagle mix who weighs 70lbs.  They are a bonded pair who were surrendered together.  Both are loving, inquisitive pups who would love to snuggle with you on the couch and watch TV.  They follow each other around and also love to play with other dogs.  They must be adopted together as they rely on each other and would be miserable apart.  If you would love to have duplicate snuggle bunnies, please consider giving these two adorable pups the home they deserve.  Contact Debra Griggs at 757-725-1705 or [email protected]


Chloe Grace

Breed: Shih Tzu         

Sex: spayed female

Size: 15 lbs

Age: 8 yr

Good in a home with  children, other dogs and cats

Chloe Grace is the cutest little girl who loves to snuggle and follow her people around.  She was surrendered to animal control because her mom could no longer care for her.  She gets along with other dogs, cats, and kids.  She has dry eye which means that she will need eye drops for the rest of her life.  She also has a food allergy to chicken but does very well on Open Farm lamb and rice.  She would love a family who will love and care for her as with their children.  If you are that special family, contact Rainbow Animal Rescue at [email protected] or 757-472-1583


Breed:  Yorkie mix

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Size: small
Vaccinations: Current

Microchipped: Yes
Age: 5yr

Good in a home with older calm respectful children.  Loves to play.  He really wants to be a lapdog

Dudley was picked up as a stray by animal control. His body condition was listed as 1/9 by the vet. His fur was horribly matted, some of his nails were growing into the toe next to them, his teeth were in horrible condition and he wasn’t neutered. As a consequence, his kidney values were elevated. He was cleaned up, put on a kidney diet and a dental and neuter were performed. He should have had 8 extractions but one tooth fell out when they scraped the tartar off. He only weighed 10 lbs. Since then, he has gained weight and his kidney values are returning to normal. The vet thinks that he may not have to be on the special diet. He is a loving, playful little man who always wants to be in your lap. He is partially potty trained in that he won’t poop in the house but he has some trouble with his urine. He is very submissive and if you raised your voice to anyone, he tinkles or if you tell him what a good boy he is, he tinkles. He is used to a belly band which takes care of the problem. Dudley gets along with dogs, cats and kids but he needs to go to a home with older kids as his is small and could get stepped on by younger kids who also might be too rough with him. If you think that you are that special family, who will love this little man furever, please contact Rainbow Animal Rescue at [email protected] or 757-472-1583


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