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Breed: American Bulldog

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Size: Medium
Vaccinations: Current

Microchipped: Yes
Age: 4 yr

Good in a home with calm respectful children.  Loves to play with other dogs once a slow introduction is completed.

Even though Odie was abandoned by his previous family, he still loves people. He gets along with most other dogs after a proper introduction and children.  We don’t know about cats.  If you want a hiking or camping buddy, Odie is your guy. Playing fetch and tug are also favorite things that he likes. He would love a family who would treat him like a family member. He has a very special talent: his is bilingual- he speaks Spanish. His previous dad spoke Spanish to him. The sister spoke English…. so he is bilingual. He has already had his dental and is ready to start his new life as a family member. Odie needs a fenced yard and we are requiring his adoptive family to enroll him in a class to earn his CGC.   If you are interested, please contact Rainbow Rescue at 757-472-1583 or [email protected]





Poppy (courtesy post)



Size: medium
Vaccinations: Current

Microchipped: Yes
Age: 3 yr


Good in a home with  calm respectful children.  Gets along with other dogs 

Poppy is looking for her perfect furever home. She is a 3 year old sweet, fun loving girl looking for an active family with a large fenced-in yard to run zoomies, and chase squirrels in. Between the ears, perfect head tilts, stocky little body, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this sassy ham. Poppy adores playing tug and fetching sticks. She’s very friendly and social, and absolutely loves children of all ages. You want personality? Poppy definitely brings it. She’s a little diva! Her energy level? A little tank demanding you pick up the toy and play tug with her all day – followed by dramatically passing out curled up in her dog bed. She also breaks into the occasional (brief) zoomies, in which any object (humans included) is subject to becoming her launch pad. This chaotic meatball (who appears to be part cow, pig, and pittie) can be a little over the top with her mouthiness and somewhat of a bull in a China shop at times. We believe she would be a good fit with slightly older, dog-savvy children or a family experienced with bully breeds. She takes corrections well, is very smart, and food motivated. Show her a treat and the she will immediately sit. Poppy loves to cuddle up and snooze on the couch with her family after a long, hard day of terrorizing everyone for juuuuust one more game of tug. Could you be her furever family?

 If you are interested, please contact Katrina Wolf at [email protected]





Sex: neutered male

Size: small
Vaccinations: Current

Microchipped: Yes
Age: 6 yr


Good in a home with  calm respectful older children.  Gets along with other dogs 

Ferb has spent the last 2 years on a screened in porch because the guardian’s husband thought he was a tripping hazard to his wife who had dementia. She died on Sept 8 and the family wanted him out or they were going to take him to the pound. Rainbow took him to give him the life he deserves. At 6 yrs old he is very energetic. He loves playing with balls. Ferb is a typical Feist in that he has a high prey drive and wouldn’t do well with cats. He would do well with older calm children. Ferb would love to go for walks and fetch balls for you all day long. If you are that special family who wants a player, consider making Ferb your family member. Contact Rainbow Animal Rescue at 757-472-1583 if interested in adopting our sweet boy



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